The Message of the Archangels, Angel Azziel and St. Jude

After my friend and I watched Angelica Zabrano's testimony, we became interested about the truth that lies ahead. We summoned the Archangels and my highest Guardian Angel Azziel to answer our questions in mind. On our conversation with them they ask us to spread their message for the good of humanity.  Perhaps that would be our mission here on Earth.  Their message is more on about the second coming of Jesus.  Everything that you will read now is true, it all came from their words not ours.

The Messages of Angel Azziel

"An evil amusement are real"
**This is about the animation on TV because according to Angelica Zambrano's testimony, those animations like Ben10, Pokemon, Dragonball Z, etc. are all instruments of devils as a tool to influence rebellion to children.

"As a rife is wash as nothing as aisle,
a fall can bias a nice misery"

Translation: (We translated this message in an understandable phase)

"As a widespread of people is wash as nothing as a passage,
a fall can damage a nice misery."

**Maybe this message was all about the end of the world.

"A test is a diversity
A nasty is falling"

The Messages of St. Michael

"All man's resolution aren't poverty that a maid lost"

"Father Almighty - About now 2012 Tanos
Satan is done."

**This message has a connection to the book of revelations about the fall of a devil.

The Messages of St. Gabriel

"Satanist has been banned,
Ama come and showed me become sane"

"Celebrate the fall on  December 3
zest and enemies demonstrate settlement."

"Remember about enemy and settlement"

"Better fellowmen believe Jesus"

"Remember that Jesus rose
Be ready."

"He maybe the second Messiah"

"He is coming for the people of God,
the sinners will die too but they won't be in heaven."

**December 3 ? He didn't mention any year but just the Month and Day it would happen
The Message of St. Jude Thaddeus

"People are in danger of being tormented.
Please tell them to do God's will."

"Jesus is the true savior not the saints."

"The true prayers are not for the material things on Earth
Materials are not the joy of salvation
These are the instruments of devils
Do not be tempted. . "

The Message of St. Jhudiel

"God loves the one who choose the path of light"

***Do believe and change your ways before the coming of Jesus.  Even the angels and saints are worried about humanity.  It's not only for us but it's also for the good of everyone.